Top 10 Best Boston Experiences for the Perfect Holiday Gift [Updated for 2020!]

No idea what to get for the person for your Zoom Secret Santa? 

Are you trying to be a good human and purchase all of your holiday gifts from small businesses this year? 

Struggling to figure out what to get your loved ones that will make them know how much you care?

Need a gift in the $30 range that is unique, great for families with kids, and great for adults, too? 

Don’t worry, Trapology has got you covered!

We have Boston’s best experience gifts for you to give this season. Studies have shown that people remember experiences more than gifts, so they will be talking about how great of a gift-giver you are for times to come.

Here are the Best Boston Experiences as Holiday Gifts:

  1. Trapology Boston

Ages:14 -100, 104 – 162

Cost: $35

Must See: The Institute (newest and most high-tech escape game) and Outdoor Escape Adventures (outdoor augmented reality puzze adventure)

Give one of the Best Boston Experiences with the gift that never ceases to challenge, a Trapology Boston escape room experience! Great for ages 14-100 and 104-162, couples, friends, and families; a gift that is suited for anyone in your life and even enemies that you want to frustrate with a good challenge. This fun-filled challenge will leave your gift-receiver with an overwhelming feeling of excitement and a memory to last a lifetime.

These six mind-bending escape games, The Drunk Tank, Hustler, The Retreat, Crush Depth, The Institute, and Boobie Trap are sure to challenge and provide a unique escape room experience that cannot be matched for both experienced and new escape room players. Trapology offers the best rooms in the city filled suspenseful storylines, immersive sets, and complex puzzles.  

Outdoor Escape Adventures is an outdoor game that uses augmented reality. Your team will physically traverse iconic locations while encountering puzzles, riddles, hidden clues, and so much more.

Trapology is more than happy to physically mail your gift card, or email your digital gift card to the recipient.


Buy Trapology gift cards here!

Call Trapology at 857-285-2085

  1. Boston Duck Tour

Ages: All

Costs:$10.50- $41.90

Must See: Tour guide: Scott Milk, and the reactions of pedestrians who deserve a good “Quacking”

Give the gift of Boston’s most known city tour. A best Boston experience that is considered a right of passage among Boston and tourists alike. There is nothing quite like the exhilaration that comes from driving on land through the beautiful Beacon Street to suddenly pioneering through the Charles River.

Do you want to see all the famous Boston landmarks such as; Copley Square, The Bostons Commons, and Faneuil Hall, but want to avoid walking? This truly provides one of the best tours for people of any age that want to see Boston from multiple perspectives and learn the incredible stories behind each historical location. You may be asking yourself, “Bettie, who will tell you all this amazing information?”.  Well, Bettie, I’m not sure who specifically, but I can guarantee you it will be one of the many unique and well-informed tour guides that this fine city has to offer.

Give this experience to those who you want to have an amazing time for only a price of



Phone Number: 617- 267-3825


Best Boston Experiences
  1. Museum of Science Membership

Ages: All

Cost: $23-$28

Must See: Music Under the Dome – David Bowie!

Give the gift of continuous learning… bear with me… and FUN! A gift great for people of all ages, sizes, and smells, with this present your gift-receiver will have free access to any of the exhibits, presentations, and drop-in activities.

You can start at the newest space exhibit, move to the Colossal Fossil area, through the butterfly garden and finish off the creme de la creme, the world famous lightning show powered by the world’s largest Van de Graaff generator.  Lightning accompanied by music, uhm yes, please!

Learning should never stop, and why not have fun while doing it! This gift will give your gift-receiver fun that they can remember for so much longer than any physical item you could give them!


Phone Number: 617-723-2500


Best Boston Experiences
  1. New England Aquarium

Ages: All

Cost: Free – $28

Must See: Myrtle the Turtle, and the Penguins

Let me start off by saying you may need to buy 3 tickets for each gift recipient, because the first two times you go will be spent watching the penguins play until the aquarium closes, leaving everything else unseen.  

Give the gift of knowledge and adventure for your gift-receiver this holiday season with a membership of lifetime allowing them to visit (with a guest/certain somehow who gave them the gift) all day, every day.  At $109 (30 cents a day) for the standard membership, your gift-receiver will never forget the amazing present you have given to them.

They can visit the 550-pound queen of the ocean, Myrtle the Turtle, try and talk to the Fur Seals, the giant octopi, or even pet and play with sharks and rays (the dogs of the ocean) in the touch tank! The NEAQ ticket is a great gift for your marine loving friends and family.


Phone Number: 617-973-5200

Best Boston Experiences
  1. Archery Games

Ages: 10+ (with youth days for 7-12!)

Cost: $27

Must See: The game, “The Medic”, Gamemaster Andy

Do you like tag, but are always “it” because you’re the slowest of your friends? Give the gift of Archery tag to your friends and family that want an exhilarating form of fun.  At Archery Games, they offer various forms of archery tag that allow you to shoot arrows at your annoying little brother! You can play good ol’ fashion rules, The Medic, or Zombie modes (Not sure what that means, I guess you need to book a session to find out!)

The Refs keep your game competitive but fun!  For only $27 for a 75-minute session, who wouldn’t want to give this as the perfect gift? This would be great to spark some competition between friends and take out some of that holiday stress on the family.

Never shot a bow before? No problem! The staff teaches everyone how to properly hold your bow and fire the perfect shot!  Archery Games is one of the places that you know the owners love what they are doing for the people who come to play with them.


Phone Number: 617-466-0142

Website: ttps://

Best Boston Experiences
  1. Cambridge School of Culinary Arts

Ages: 18+, teen classes for 8-17 are available

Cost: Dependent on class

Must See: All the delicious courses you prepare

Have an aspiring chef in your life? Want to send a hint to your significant other? With classes starting at $80, the kitchen is your oyster (with you learning how to properly prepare oysters)!

This is the perfect gift for teens, blooming chefs, experienced chefs, or a couple that wants to spice up their kitchen life. The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts allows your to visit the world by offering 6 week courses in specific regions such as Asia with Thai cuisines.  Already know how to make the world’s tastiest Pad Thai? How about taking the Italian cooking course and learning how to how to make the perfect Sicilian cannoli?

Send your friends to learn New Techniques or send your bakers to an Advanced Pastry Class.  Giving a professional and fun environment to learn, Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, is the perfect gift for you to give this holiday season. If all goes well, you will be handsomely rewarded with delicious meals that will make you learn about the real Flavor Town.


Phone Number: 617.354.2020


Best Boston Experiences
  1. City Brew Tours

Ages: 21+

Cost: $99

Must See: In the Studio – Craft Classes

Ah Boston, the city of sports champions.  You know what goes well with trophies? Beer!

City Brew Tours offers unforgettable all-inclusive tours and, more importantly, beer-focused experiences.  You can sign up along with 13 of your most favorite adults to take this 5-hour tour and have the experience of a lifetime.  Along with tasting 16 different styles of beers, you receive a nice lunch with your beer pairing, round-trip transportation, VIP access at 4 stops and top notch SWAG.  

City Brew Tours offers 3 different tours along with seasonal events to ensure that you hit all the major breweries like Sam Adams, Downeast, Night Shade to name a few of the 18 possible locations. Skip the lines to come to refine your palate, get an inside look on Boston’s craft brew scene and learn the ins and outs of how your favorite beer is brewed!


Phone Number: 617-453-8687


Best Boston Experiences
  1. Boston Tea Party Museum

Ages: All

Cost: $17.10 – $29.95

Must See:“Destruction of the Tea!”

Not a beer drinker or have a little case of the sniffles, don’t worry we got you covered! Give the gift of the Best rated “Patriotic Attraction” by USA today.  Sure we have all read about The Boston Tea Party in school, however, this museum offers an immersive experience for all of its visitors, with choreography, interactive events, and fantastic actors. It only lasts 1 hour, making it much faster and much more informative than ready that boring old textbooks. Want to help Little Timmy get an A+ on his history test but not have him know that he’s learning?

Be part of the interactive colonial town meeting, Show the British who is in charge by Dumping the Tea and protesting taxation first-hand and finish it off with a lovely cup of tea in Abigail’s Tea Room. The staff at the Museum are history driven, theatrical geniuses who are ready to make your experience one for the history books!  


Phone Number: 866 955-0667


Best Boston Experiences
  1. Boston Lindy Hop

Ages: 12+


Must See: Lindy Hop Basics

This just in! All the hip young people of today know how to swing dance. Don’t fall behind the game and give the gift of dance this holiday season.

Boston Lindy Hop promotes swing dancing in Boston for all ages from Lindy Hop to Charleston to Solo Jazz and so much more.  There is always a good time to start with 6-week programs starting every month! With locations in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville, swing dancing is all around you.

We’ve all seen Dirty Dancing (or you better have), after 6 simple weeks you are well on y

our way to being the next Patrick Swayze.  Give that aspiring dancer the pep in their step that they always wanted when they were younger.


Phone Number: (617) 249-3715


Best Boston Experiences

We hope this helped reduce your holiday stress this year!  If you’re still worried about the in-laws coming over, just send them to us! Our Gamemaster, Phil loves meeting everyone’s family and will be happy to lock them up!