E-mails to send to your boss to convince him/her that Trapology is a good idea

We at Trapology all know a thing or two about managing up, influencing up, and inserting ideas in places where they naturally don’t belong. Need a hand in convincing your boss that Trapology is a great idea for your team? Look no further. Below are several template e-mails that are ready for a command (or control) + v.


Template #1: Make him/her think that it was their idea 


Hi [Boss-who-thinks-all-good-ideas-originate-from-him/her],


Several months ago, you mentioned a team outing that you said would be a good idea… an escape game, I think. We ended up going to the [bowling/movies/barcrawl], which was okay, but I think your idea would have been a lot better. I vaguely recall you said it was Trapology Boston. Several people on the team had said it was such a great idea when you mentioned it earlier and how we wished we listened to you in the first place.


I got in touch with their Team Building Manager there, and saw that they have 3 and 4 hour corporate team building packages that include open bar and catering! I checked the team’s calendar for [date] and I think a [2:00-6:00pm] would be a good idea. Should I go ahead and book it with your corporate credit card and schedule us [Uber XL Blacks/private jet/horse-drawn carriages] to 177 Tremont St?



[Your subordinate that really wants their company to pay for their Trapology Boston escape games]

Template #2: Team morale is low and this is imperative for the team dynamic to stay positive

Hi [Bleeding-heart-boss-who-really-cares-and-is-so-easy-to-take-advantage-of],


We appreciate that you’ve purchased us the light therapy lamps in hopes that it would improve our moods and energy. However, I’m not sure if our focus has improved. Edna from accounting recently said that her Rice Krispies treats were giving her the silent treatment, and that all joy has officially been sucked out of her world. Max from the creative team said that he used to find joy in photography, but now he’s just focusing on all of the negatives.


I’m bringing this up to ask for your help.


Team morale is low and can only be fixed with one solution: A team outing to Boston’s most challenging and immersive escape game, Trapology Boston.


It will bring me joy to see us come alive again. Oh, the exhilarating thrill of the 60 minute countdown! After our event there last year, it was all we could talk about for hours afterwards. We laughed. We cried. We commiserated. We had purpose in our lives again!


Trapology has expanded and have six total games now, so that we could play completely new games. It will be a confidence boost to see how much smarter we’ve gotten since the last time we played. This will directly translate to our professional performance.


[Boss’ name], we need this.



[A very concerned and well-meaning team player]

Template #3: Easy way for layoffs 


Hey [Boss-who-can’t-fire-low-performing-employees],


Your team is only as strong as your weakest team member. It is no myth that you have not been happy with the production level or quality of some of the individual team members.


I have a suggestion: Escape game challenge to the death.


High performing players keep their jobs. Low performing ones must go back to their desks, pack up their things, and exit the company. Trapology Boston game masters watch dozens of games each day. Let’s hire them to be our talent consultants and have them decide for us.


In Trapology we trust.



Overly competitive person who can’t stand stragglers and people who drag the team down



Trapology Boston takes no responsibility for the reactions or aftermath of how these e-mails are perceived after they are sent. Custom e-mail services are offered should you decide to e-mail us a full description of your boss and their personality analysis. Enneagram, Predictive Index, or Myers Briggs are acceptable.


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